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The Rambam Circle of Torah and Science
Mission statement: to explore the relationship between the Torah revelations and Science. 

The Rambam Circle is a series of monthly lectures that focus on the synergy of Torah and the Sciences.

The group meets on the last Wednesday of the month at 7pm in Chesterfield.   To join email us at [email protected] or call Chabad of Chesterfield at 636-778-4000.

Upcoming lectures will feature: 

1. Transplantation: organs and tissues

2. Genetic testing/pre-birth diagnosis of genetic abnormalities/malformations/termination of pregnancy

3. Dementia/ability to provide consent

4. The practice of biopsy/autopsy/amputations

5. Reanimation/emergency procedures

6. Terminal illnesses/euthanasia

7. Surgery for psychiatric illnesses

8. Coma, vegetative state

9. Infertility/in vitro fertilization/implantation of embryos/surrogate pregnancies

10. Cosmetic plastic surgery

11. Mental illness/psychiatric treatment

This year long continuing learning education series culminates at