UPCOMING  DATE: THURS APRIL 28th at 6:30pm highlighting Shlissel (yiddish for Key) Challah. The first Shabbat after Passover, there is a Jewish custom to bake shlissel challah. Shlissel challah is believed to be a good omen (segula) for unlocking livelihood.  

LOCATION: Chabad of Chesterfield's temporary location at Chesterfield Mall (The Cheesecake Factory entrance - 10 stores on the right) 

LOAVES OF LOVE is an interactive Challah baking workshop with a caring twist. Learn and share the gift of Shabbat's warmth and great taste with those you love.

BAKE. Come learn the art of Challah baking, from making the dough to braiding techniques. Each hands-on lesson and interactive session will focus on a new delicious challah flavor and braiding technique. 

LOVE. Bake two challahs, take one home to enjoy and share one with someone else - bring more love & light into the world! New neighbors, new moms, sick friends and anyone else! Bring the warmth of Shabbat and the taste of freshly baked Challah to others.

EAT. Enjoy a Challah and dip bar, refreshments and drinks. 

An opportunity to celebrate and engage in a Jewish ritual. Create memories and traditions with your family and friends! Want to be a part of it? SIGN UP HERE. 

Do you know someone who can benefit from a Loaves of Love delivery of a dose of freshly baked challah for shabbat? Let us know by emailing [email protected] for more information.