The Bat Mitzvah Club is a one-of-a-kind group for Jewish girls ages 10-13 to join together and explore what it is to be a female and young Jewish adult in the modern world.

Members explore their Jewish self through art, creative writing and community outreach. The Bat Mitzvah Club is “for girls, by girls, and starring girls,” because girls run the meetings, the peer programs and arrange activities.

As the club members share their interests, dreams, goals, hopes, and experiences at this crucial turning point in their lives, they develop friendships and a sense of unity with other Jewish girls their age. They learn about the positive contributions they can make to themselves, their families, and to the world. BMC members face the future as committed, knowledgeable, and confident women who are proud of their unique identities.

Join the Bat Mitzvah club and give yourself the best gifts of all: Self confidence, Jewish pride, and lasting friendships. These are the Bat Mitzvah gifts that last a lifetime. Because a Bat Mitzvah is not really about the party it's about YOU.

 For more information about the Bat Mitzvah Club please email [email protected] or call Chabad of Chesterfield at 636.778.4000. TO REGISTER CLICK HERE: