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Annual Spa for the Soul

Annual Spa for the Soul

Is there such a thing as a Spiritual Spa Picture a stunning event, exclusively for women, where both the body and soul are detoxed, destressed, adjusted and inspired...... This year, on Sunday, May 3rd the 4th annual Spa for the Soul will unfold its magic at the Doubletree Hotel, in Chesterfield from 5:30-8:30pm. 

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4 reasons why YOU don't want to miss this! 



As a Jewish woman, you deserve and NEED these 3 Hours of GUILT-FREE INSPIRATION for your body AND SOUL! 




You will hear a powerful, positive, and intelligent perspective on being a Jewish woman, from an internationally acclaimed woman speaker!




We all need balance.  This oasis in time is the chance for Jewish women to sync their body, mind and soul.


You don't have to like a spa, a massage, or anyone touching you to enjoy yourself and gain from his amazing evening! 


NEW this year: a special program for Jewish teen girls that will run parallel to the women’s program. For a special combo price, Mothers are encouraged to attend with their teen daughters for an evening dedicated to the Jewish Woman complete with mini workshops, sushi demo, interior design workshop, spa services, boutiques, raffles, and so much more fun and inspiration. The highlight speaker and author: Mrs. Tansky, will entertain the audience with her critically acclaimed talk, "You're all you've got, and that's a lot" followed by a delicious dinner and dessert buffet!  


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